On December 22nd, Oleksij Kerekesha and the Fata Morgana band arrived at Borispol
Airport in Kyiv full of pride and enthusiasm for the Orange Revolution.  Feeling the need
to support the energy manifesting itself in Kyiv, the group felt that by performing their
original musical compositions they could show their support and help ignite the cause.

The decision to travel to Ukraine to support Yushchenko was a spontaneous and
emotional one for the group. Upon receiving an invitation from the Yushchenko
campaign camp to perform on the maidan their decision was made.  Travel arrangements
were made and the group began their adventure.

Fata Morgana was created by Oleksij Kerekesha in 1988 in Kyiv and since 1991 the group
has made its home in the United States playing at festivals, concerts, zabavas and
weddings.  The members include Ihor Shablovsky,  Andrij Solodenko and Serge
Kolomiets ( the only member not able to make the trip due to family obligations).

During their visit to Kyiv,  Fata Morgana gave numerous radio interviews and Oleksij
Kerekesha, the group’s founder and leader was featured on a Channel 5 Television
interview.  As the only musical ensemble representing the US diaspora , Fata Morgana
had the privilege of performing at “nametove mistechko” before their historic
appearance at the central stage on Independence Square in front of tens of thousands
of Yushchenko supporters.   The original compositions of  Oleksij Kerekesha echoed
through the crowds as “Okean”, “Hamalia” and “Kyiv” created an atmosphere of pride
and patriotism the evening of the 26th.   The pride and awe felt by the members of Fata
simply cannot be put into words.  To be a part of history can’t be defined.

Fata Morgana would like to express their thanks to their supporters who made this
historic trip possible:  Ukrainian Fraternal Association; Self Reliance Credit Union of
Jersey City; Self Reliance Credit Union of New York; St. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic
Church of Jersey City; Stepan Maksymczuk; Stefka Maciach; Halyna Hawryluk; Ihor
Danylko; Voskobijnyk Family; Volodymyr Kozicky & Dunwoodie Travel; Orysia Salak and
Andrij Cihovlyas.